In May 2002, 3DO declared bankruptcy. Shaowei went to Crystal Dynamics one month after. At CrystalD she experienced the fastest growing era of 3D graphics technologies. The most notable among them was development in game materials. Normal map was the most ingenious invention of all. It gave rich and natural look to rocks, made metal shine and tree trunk a thousand year old. As game graphics got more refined new job tiles emerge. She became a "material artist", which required both proficiency in classical art skills and 3D applications, as well as understanding of game development tools.

Screenshots containing the artist's 3D work from Tomb Raider Underworld (Xbox360 2008):


Concept paintings and digital background paintings:

3D Shader Progression Demo: Shaowei became a part time faculty in 2009 at the newly established School of Game Design at Academy of Art University, San Francisco.

Other memories from Tomb Raider:


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